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If your consumer rights have been violated, you need a lawyer who cares about you and can give you affordable, effective solutions. At the Law Office of A.L. Hinton, I see you as more than a client. I listen to your concerns so that I can give knowledgeable, creative advice for your unique circumstances. As your local attorney in California’s Central Valley, you will meet with me personally, get straight answers and excellent support by my staff. My sole focus is to fight to protect your rights and seek to get your money back or otherwise set things right.

Specializing In Lemon Law And Automobile Fraud

Lemon Law and automobile fraud aren’t a side job for me. My firm specializes in helping consumers who have been sold a damaged or defective automobile. When you buy a car, truck or other vehicle from a dealership, you have a legal right to expect that the vehicle will be in good working order and safe for your family. If not, laws require a dealer or manufacturer to repair, replace or buy back the defective vehicle- whether you bought it new or previously owned. I will fight hard to make sure justice is served, your rights are protected, and that you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Recreational Vehicles

Coaches, fifth wheels, and trailers are also covered under the Lemon Law. Handling such a lemon claim is a bit more complicated than a standard auto lemon law claim because there is typically more than one manufacturer’s warranty to deal with. Typically, the living space is covered by one manufacturer and the chassis by another. An RV is a substantial investment, so be sure to contact a Lemon Law attorney experienced in handling RV defect cases.

Illegal Interest Rates

The finance laws that govern caps on interest rates that lenders can charge vary from state to state. However, certain APRs are clearly unlawful and considered beyond any bounds of reason. They are simply “unconscionable” in the eyes of the law. Unbelievably, some lenders charge as much as 100% or more. Under the Federal Truth In Lending Act, consumers are entitled to know all the terms of financing before entering into a loan. This allows consumers to shop around for the best possible financing for their purchase or make the decision to forgo the purchase altogether. This is a consumer right.

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Consumers have rights in California. I use a personalized approach that makes sure your rights are not forgotten. For a consultation about your case, call my firm at 559-691-6900. You may also email me via this website.


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