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American First Finance Interest Charge Violation

Together the consumer protection firms Green & Noblin, and the Law Office of A.L. Hinton are investigating claims by California consumers against lender American First Finance for charging triple-digit interest rates and failing to disclose lending terms at the time of sale.

American First Finance provides retail merchants with a financing option for customers who typically have low credit scores or poor credit history.

American First Finance has advertised early payoff incentives, such as “90 Days Same As Cash” or “Early Payoff Discount.”

American First Finance offers financing services for many types of retail goods, including furniture, jewelry, appliances, tires, etc., and retail services, including auto repair, veterinary services, dental and vision care, etc.

We are investigating reports that American First Finance may be wrongfully providing loans to California consumers or wrongfully imposing high interest rates.

If your consumer purchase was financed by American First Finance, you may be entitled to relief.

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